updated 9:43 AM UTC, Dec 29, 2017

Another cynical act of vandalism against a Soviet memorial has occurred in Poland. Unidentified persons have desecrated the Monument of Gratitude to the Red Army in a central square in Szczecin. Specifically, this is the second case of vandalism in this city over the last few months: in September 2015, thieves stole stars from five gravestones at the cemetery where over 3,000 Soviet soldiers are buried.

Poland continues to demonstrate complete negligence of the intergovernmental agreements, to which it is a party, by failing to protect monuments related to our history. Warsaw crudely violates the provisions of the fundamental Treaty between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Poland on Friendly and Good-Neighbourly Cooperation of May 22, 1992, under which the parties pledged to provide protection of monuments (this very term is used in the document), which serve as sites of commemoration and tribute to citizens of  both countries.

The frequency of these acts of vandalism and their cynical nature, with the connivance and even direct instigation of the Polish authorities, give reason to suggest that we are dealing with a national policy based on historical revisionism. We declare our strong protest to the Polish side.

We demand that those who are guilty be found and punished, and that the monument be restored. We likewise urge Polish authorities to take exhaustive measures to prevent such incidents in the future.