updated 9:43 AM UTC, Dec 29, 2017

   On 26 October, the Tunisian Republic held elections to the National Constituent Assembly, its standing legislature, for the term of five years. The 217 seats in the new parliament were contested by representatives of dozens of political parties and by independent candidates. Voting took place in Tunisia's 33 electoral districts and abroad. The turnout was 61.8 per cent. The results are expected to be announced by 30 October.

   Moscow welcomes Tunisia’s successful parliamentary elections which, on the whole, were held in a calm atmosphere. We regard the ballot as an important step towards the democratic transformation conducted by the leadership of that friendly country. The political maturity and resolve to look for consensus-based solutions to urgent national problems, as demonstrated by Tunisian parties and movements, prepare the ground for further progress in the political process in Tunisia, including in the context of the presidential election scheduled for 23 November, 2014.