updated 9:43 AM UTC, Dec 29, 2017

   I heartily welcome the participants and guests of this conference, who have gathered in Vienna to discuss the topical issues of international journalism.

   International relations today have wound up in a turbulence zone. They are characterised by a significant rise in instability and unpredictability. Under these conditions, it is especially important to observe professional ethics standards in the international information field. Attempts to unleash information wars and play without rules only further destabilise the situation, and deepen threats to security and equal cooperation between states and peoples based on mutual respect. There is demand for truly independent, competent and daring journalism, oriented not towards egotistical interests, but towards the need to serve truth and justice.

   Obviously, only an objective reflection in the media mirror of global challenges and key problems, which are common to all countries, and only balanced and unbiased commentaries will facilitate a creative search for solutions to conflicts, and will help rectify relations between Russia and European states.

   I am confident that our discussions will make a contribution to deepening mutual understanding in the European space and will be conducive to strengthening trust in representatives of the “fourth estate.”

   I wish you productive work and all the very best.

   Sergey Lavrov

   28 October 2014