updated 9:43 AM UTC, Dec 29, 2017

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please accept sincere congratulations on the occasion of the Africa Day, a festive day symbolizing the unity and mutual supportiveness of the peoples of your continent, their victory in the difficult struggle for freedom and independence.

          Today, African states are moving confidently forward along the path of social and economic, scientific and technological development, they are playing an ever-growing role in addressing urgent issues on the international agenda. Russia highly appreciates and supports the activities of the African Union, other regional and sub-regional integration associations of the continent aimed at expanding the mutually beneficial multilateral cooperation, establishing an effective crisis response system, peacekeeping and post-conflict reconstruction.

          We intend to further make every effort to strengthen the relations of friendship and cooperation with African countries, as well as to continue our participation in various assistance programs and projects for Africa implemented under the auspices of the UN, G20, BRICS and other international structures.

          I sincerely wish you good health and every success in your state activities, and peace and well-being to the peoples of Africa.

          Respectfully yours,

Vladimir Putin