updated 9:43 AM UTC, Dec 29, 2017


On July 12, representatives of Libyan parties meeting in Skhirat (Morocco) initialled an agreement drafted during an intra-Libyan dialogue under the auspices of the United Nations. The General National Congress in Tripoli abstained from signing the document. Its delegation did not attend the meeting.

The agreement sets the terms, which were approved by all parties, for ending the internal Libyan conflict, and stipulates the creation of a national unity government and other central governing bodies, as well as measures to deescalate violence and ensure security and law enforcement.

Moscow has welcomed the signing as a crucial step towards advancing the political process in Libya.

We are convinced that a national consensus about the future of a sovereign and territorially undivided Libya is in the interests of all its citizens without exception. We hope that the full implementation the Skhirat accord will restore peace and security in Libya and will benefit stability in the entire region.

Russia will continue working in different formats to promote the success of UN efforts aimed at bringing peace to Libya.

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